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A map of me

With continuous enrolment, we get new students joining our classes every Monday morning, if they change from another class, on a Monday afternoon, when they’re new to the school, and sometimes on a Tuesday morning too, if they only have…

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a fun needs analysis questionnaire

Here is a worksheet I often use when I start a new course, both with groups and individuals. It is one of many versions of needs analysis, but it also lets you test yor students’ grammar to some extent. This … Continue reading

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Teaching headlines vocabulary

Originally posted on TEFLtastic:
It’s my latest big thing, so quite a bit of stuff. Links near the top are new. Article Teaching headlines language Worksheets Headlines vocabulary guess the story¬†and Version 2 Headlines vocabulary extended speaking and test each…

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an easy vocabulary revision activity

how do you usually revise vocabulary items at lower levels? what are the ways to focus on form, meaning and spelling? well, here is one of the ways I choose from time to time. and I hope you will share … Continue reading

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