finally BESIG is going online!

Really looking forward to Saturday when we can all take part in 1st IATEFL BESIG Online Conference.

The programme (see the link) does look quite impressive, by the way…

from the conference website:

“The conference will have two plenaries, twenty workshop sessions and eight shorter “how to” sessions. It will run from 7:00 GMT to 15:00 GMT on the Adobe Connect platform, meaning that regardless of your time zone, you will be able to take part in the conference and interact with fellow Business English teachers from all over the world in a friendly, informal learning environment.”

Are you “going” there too?


About Svetlana Urisman (Englishteachingnotes)

I am an ADOS and an English teacher (and materials writer) in a language school in Moscow. I have been an ADOS and a teacher trainer for almost a year now and a teacher for about 5 years. I am keen to share some ideas and materials I've developed in order to take them further and not to forget or lose them You are welcome to use any materials represented in this blog, and I will be happy to get your feedback afterwards if you take them to your classroom! ;-)
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