getting our students to focus on success

next time I get a new student, I’ll add one more point to my long-established 1st class procedures. it will be the GROW model suggested in “from English teacher to learner coach”.

GROW stands for:

goal -the end point where the student wants to arrive

reality -how far the student is from their goal, what they can and can’t do

obstacles -reasons why the student hasn’t reached their goal yet (it can be about lack of time ir motivation, limited access to resources, etc)

options -once the obstacles have been identified, what are the options to overcome them and to reach the goal?  how can the motivation be increased, what can be done under the conditions of limited time, etc?

way forward: options being converted into concrete, measurable steps. (a plan to spend 15 mins a day reading/ listening to podcasts, etc)

this GROW model seems to me a great tool to get students concentrated on their future progress and to let them see their progress broken down into smaller steps. And this is a great way to make all these “I want to improve my English” and “I want my English to become better” much closer to reality…




About Svetlana Urisman (Englishteachingnotes)

I am an ADOS and an English teacher (and materials writer) in a language school in Moscow. I have been an ADOS and a teacher trainer for almost a year now and a teacher for about 5 years. I am keen to share some ideas and materials I've developed in order to take them further and not to forget or lose them You are welcome to use any materials represented in this blog, and I will be happy to get your feedback afterwards if you take them to your classroom! ;-)
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