apartment renovation: teaching English for virtually any topic with authentic materials

Are there many ESL materials that would encourage speaking about a flat renovation/redecoration or repair? Surprisingly, they are scarce! and the ones existing are not what I want them to be, to tell you the truth. So after some really focused search, looking through all the books I posessed or managed to find online I still didn’t have anything worth considering as a teaching material. And as one of my students specifically asked for that topic for the several classes to come (her interest has quite a plain reason as she is in the middle of , I had to do something!

I wanted the materials to be thought-(and speaking)-provoking, full of good words, preferably the ones that could be used to talk on some other subjects as well..and also I wanted something interesting!

So here is a couple of things that worked for me andf my student (though I’m still wondering why the renovation topic isn’t covered in usual ESL books. Or am I wrong?)

  • some text on flat decoration from http://commonenglisherrors.com/housekeeping-jargons-homerenovation-phrases/ . I used certain parts of it, making it look like several people were sharing their intentions on house renovation and housekeeping.
  • videos: I was lucky to discover IKEA home tour, the series on home remake. The episodes are around 3 mins, are made by the American IKEA, many of them have simple Enlgish spoken with different accents, and could be used not only to start a talk about home design but also about many other things (like shopping, home, tastes etc) . I went for an episode no 113 for a start;). I’d say some of them could be used at intermediate level and upwards.
  • one more thing that’s not directly connected to home design but could still be a logical continuation is discussing the concept of “home exchange” and that’s what we are going to talk about next time with my 1-1 student. So far we’ve just touched upon the sunject slightly and she seemed to be quite engaged. During my (re)search I came across a site knok.com where there is a nice “success story” of one of their users. I took it as a starting point and will see soon if it was a good choice ..

if you know some good materials to do with home repair/ redesign, please let me know!


About Svetlana Urisman (Englishteachingnotes)

I am an ADOS and an English teacher (and materials writer) in a language school in Moscow. I have been an ADOS and a teacher trainer for almost a year now and a teacher for about 5 years. I am keen to share some ideas and materials I've developed in order to take them further and not to forget or lose them You are welcome to use any materials represented in this blog, and I will be happy to get your feedback afterwards if you take them to your classroom! ;-)
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