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learning grammar through context

putting grammar into context. Recently I’ve been struggling (not for the first time, obviously) to find some nice way to teach/ revise a grammar topic, and by “nice way” I mean something different from exercises (which are great, but mostly … Continue reading

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Retelling the text without noticing it, a trick?)

 I’ve been a firm believer in deep and profound work with texts for a long time. No need to repeat that it (and “texts”, obviously can stand for listening/ videos) has tons of benefits, acquiring vocabulary from the context and … Continue reading

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Intermediate+ speaking and reading worksheet:How to learn a new language: 7 secrets from TED translators

If you ask me, I like to reflect (and inspire my students to do the same) on learning languages and what works and what doesn’t, so I’m always happy to offer to my students such opportunities. Here is a worksheet … Continue reading

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a more personalised approach to ING and TO

The gerund vs infinitive grammar has always seemed quite tricky for teaching to me: I have always felt there wasn’t enough really good materials, especially for the one-to-one situation.  Of course there are all kinds of gap-fills and contextualised gap-fills (like … Continue reading

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“8 secrets of success” TED-talk lesson plan

here is the lesson plan based on the TED talk by Richard St John that I referred to in my previous post about my teaching in a field. Hope you’ll find it useful. The talk itself conveniently takes only 3 minutes, … Continue reading

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May holidays and an emotional worksheet

In my country the first 2 weeks of May are not really very busy: first there is the Labour day (1.05), then the is the Victory Day (09.05), and in between a lot of people take some days off. As … Continue reading

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