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how much personalisation is enough?

That’s the question that has been constantly nagging  me laltely. Don’t get me wrong, I am a true advocate of personalising materials for our students, basing the whole activities on their experience and expertise, and asking them for their professional … Continue reading

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ways to finish a lesson – so that the students take something away with them

There are lots of ways to start off a lesson beautifully, maningfully, logically, etc. For example, to talk about how your students spent their week (here are 2  worksheets to help), or to ask about their plans, or to discuss … Continue reading

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students: we love them and we hate them…?

when recalling my past experience with the bank executive and the leadership course, I caught myself thinking if I’d like to come back to that student one day, if that student was my “red carpet student”, and mostly, how  we … Continue reading

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18 ways to educate yourself – lesson plan based on a WordPress post

Here is a lesson plan and a worksheet (along with Teacher’s notes) for an upper-intermediate/ advanced group on the ways of getting yourself more educated. The lesson involves a lot of speaking, reading and listening (watching videos). It’s based on … Continue reading

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