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Using authentic interviews in class

I love using interviews at my classes! Do you? I think they are just what you need to practice speaking, tenses, word order, and at the same time they let you make the lessons fun (obviously, depending on the interview … Continue reading

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learning grammar through context

putting grammar into context. Recently I’ve been struggling (not for the first time, obviously) to find some nice way to teach/ revise a grammar topic, and by “nice way” I mean something different from exercises (which are great, but mostly … Continue reading

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preparing for a grammar lesson (refreshing passive voice in an applicable way)

Last time I checked, there were not too many materials for teaching Passive. I mean, for teaching Passive adequately, and in a practical and possible-to-take-out-of-the-class manner. Somehow, speaking about animals, doing a geography quiz or discussing a process of coins … Continue reading

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a perfect homework: what is it like?

should all our students get homework? Even the busiest (and the laziest) ones? I am sure they should. Let’s see: if a student comes to class 2 times a week and doesn’t  get (or doesn’t do) any homework, that’s all … Continue reading

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