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Used to, get used to, be used to and would – an activity to train, revise and speak

A couple of days ago I felt there wasn’t a good material on would, be used to, be used to used to and get used to that would meet all the requirements for my student. And so I decidecd to … Continue reading

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What to do at a first class?

I love new beginnings, and you? Today is the last summer day, and a lot of new classes and courses are starting on September 1st. All these lessons are the chances of the new beginnings. There are actually 2 kinds … Continue reading

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making your students feel better at your lessons, and dream (a kind of NLP approach in practice)

as most of my students are Very Busy People (VBP) ;-), quite often I experience a feeling that some of them “are not quite there” – in this case meaning they can be physically in the classroom, and mentally in … Continue reading

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